Remembering Rehoboth Presbyterian Church

June 19, 1949 – May 15, 2016

Dear members and friends of Rehoboth,

At our annual meeting on Sunday, January 24, the congregation of Rehoboth Presbyterian Church voted to dissolve following the service for the Lord’s Day on May 15, 2016.

There was tremendous sadness in our sanctuary on Sunday when we made this decision.  Our hearts are broken.  So many of you have said, “This feels like someone we love has died.”  I am reminded of when our Lord Jesus lost his dear friend Lazarus.  He went to be with his friends, where he stood outside of the tomb and wept.  Jesus feels our grief and pain just as we do.  Jesus has not abandoned us.  Jesus is in our midst, sharing in our loss.

And just as Mary and Martha made preparations for their brother Lazarus, so we must prepare for the end of our congregational life.  The Presbytery will form an Administrative Commission to walk alongside us, and we hope to have the names of those serving on that team available to you soon.  We do know that Mitch Price will be the representative from the Session on the Commission.

During the Lenten season, we will be making decisions about where to tithe a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Rehoboth property.  The mission team has been hard at work already, so look out for announcements about how you can be involved.

In the meantime, we will continue our ministry until the final day.  We will still have worship, fellowship, and growth groups.  Many of you have expressed concern over items within our buildings that have meaning to you or your families.  All things were given to the church for the glory of God.  If there are items of significant value to you or your loved ones, please write a letter to the Administrative Commission so they can make decisions about where those items may go.  In order for us to keep serving God during this time, we must ask that nothing be removed from the property until after our final worship service.

God’s promised presence is not bound by space or time, or even death.  We worship a Risen Lord, a Lord who shows us that death will never have the final word, and that God’s glory lives on through the mystery of the resurrection.  So even in the midst of the death of our dear friend Rehoboth, we hope in the promise of new life.  That our church’s ministry will live on by our continued witness to the gospel through our mission to grow disciples of Jesus Christ through relationships with God and one another.